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Why To Choose CHILLOUT For Online Cake Delivery in Begusarai

CHILLOUT has been established in the year 2014 with the aim of revolutionizing the cake and bakery segment in Begusarai.The Proprietor of CHILLOUT MR. SAJAN KUMAR ROY having done graduation from delhi university and MBA from bangaglore has always been a foodie himself  felt the need for opening a modern food joint in begusarai and thats when CHILLOUT came to existence.Having tasted the quality in metro city he opened the shop named CHILLOUT in begusarai ,which was the 1st pizza restaurant in begusarai  and the 1st eggless fresh cream cake shop in begusarai.After 4 Years of operation CHILLOUT HAS ESTABLISED  ITSELF as a Brand in Begusarai which is synonym with quality cake. Prior to CHILLOUT , the cake market in begusarai was deprived of high quality cake made with the topmost ingredients of the industry,but we at CHILLOUT are providing delicious fresh cream eggless cakes in Begusarai

With the rise in demand for online delivery in cake ,CHILLOUT  with  its website is set its eyes on the online market to deliver quality cake  in Begusarai.

Till now the people looking to deliver cake in begusarai places there order on a website located in delhi Mumbai Bangalore  ,and then they pass on the order  to some local bakery.Since there lots of middleman involved in the process from ordering to delivering ,the cost of cakes are generally very high.Moreover in case of any issues the customer has lot of confussion so as whom to cantact.This is where CHILLOUT’s website helps ,The customer directly places its order to the manufacturer and the fresh cake delivery is the full responsibility of the manufacturer.